Probate and Estate Administration in El Paso, Texas

Probate in Texas is the legal process of administering and distributing the property and assets (the estate) of a person that has died. In a nutshell, the probate process starts by filing an application to a Probate Court. Depending on the circumstances, the court would appoint an administrator or executor. With the assistance of the administrator or executor, the court identifies the assets of the decedent, including personal and real property, money, and other investments, pays taxes and other liabilities.  What is left from the estate is then distributed to the heirs.

The probate and estate administration process in El Paso could be lengthy, depending on the size and complexity of the estate. The probate process is much simpler if a person dies with a will, provided that nobody challenges the will's validity. However, the probate process could be more time-consuming and expensive if the person died without a will. Sometimes is possible to use other alternative methods to avoid probate, such as small estate affidavits or affidavit of heirship to complete distribution of the estate. 

It is normal to feel confused about this process, especially since it involves a loved one passing away. We understand these feelings. Our El Paso Probate Attorney is here to make to process as smooth as possible and cost-effective. We do our best to help you manage family relationships, ensure the estate administration moves forward until the estate is distributed according to your loved one's wishes.

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