Bigger isn't always better. It is best to know everything there is to know about a particular legal area instead of knowing a bit about every legal subject. This is why, as a law firm focusing on probate, guardianship, and estate planning, Karen Colon Law, PLLC, is in a unique position to offer the best service possible by concentrating all of our efforts on our clients'  probate and estate law situations. 

Probate and Estate Administration. In Texas, probate is the legal process in which a court oversees a deceased person's estate. A court assigns a person, named executor, to administer the estate of a deceased individual to ensure all final debts are paid and distribute all remaining property to the beneficiaries named in a Will, or if the decedent died without a Will, to the deceased's heirs under Texas law. Dealing with this complicated process while grieving the loss of a loved one can be very difficult. Our El Paso Probate Attorney can make this process as smooth as possible. We will guide you through the process and address all your concerns. 

Guardianship. You may need to establish a guardianship if a disabled or incapacitated adult or an elderly parent suffering from mental health problems seems unable to handle money, make decisions, or otherwise take care of themselves. While the process for establishing a guardianship in El Paso, Texas, can be complicated, it will give you the ability to make the best decisions for an incapacitated loved one. We can help you seek a guardianship appointment and help facilitate the ongoing guardianship responsibilities once established. 

Estate Planning, Wills, and Powers of Attorney. People often leave estate planning until it is too late. You should have an estate plan in place to avoid additional costs and to ease the burden of your loved ones later down the line. Our El Paso Estate Planning Attorney can educate you through the process of developing your estate plan. Establishing a solid estate planning foundation will help you eliminate future uncertainty by ensuring that you and your family are protected. 

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