Karen Colon Law, PLLC

Karen Colon Law PLLC is committed to providing you the finest, compassionate, and responsive legal counsel possible in Texas Probate and Estate Law.

Karen Colon is passionate about helping people. She will take the time to understand what you've gone through, educate you on the legal process, guide you through the probate court proceedings. More importantly, she will always give you realistic expectations of your case and the possible outcomes.

 The way we run our law practice reflects how important you are to us. We aimed at representing clients expertly, efficiently, and cost-effectively. And here is how:

  • Our attorney provides experienced representation with a personal touch and commitment to assist you and your loved ones in probate and estate law problems.
  • Technology plays an essential role in handling our cases and communicating with our clients. We use the latest technology to share information with clients, communicate quickly and effectively, increase client collaboration, and reduce our client's overall costs. 
    • We securely share documents and court communications electronically through our client portal. The client portal provides a secure environment to access your documents and to communicate with us. 
    • Most of our documents are in electronic format, so you can fill them out and sign electronically unless a notarized signature is required. 
    • Although we are always open for a face-to-face legal consultation with our current and potential clients, we also offer consultations by video conference.
  • We will always keep you updated about the status of your case. We will notify you promptly about any new developments in your case.
  • We will return your call within 24 hours. If our attorney cannot return the call personally, our staff will contact you to explain the delay and help you in any way they can


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